Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hello from Singapura!

The Merlion
It's been a long while since I posted something here.  After my last post, our lives have changed a lot.  My husband got a job offer in Singapore so off we went to the Lion City!

We enjoyed our first few months of being independent here -- no helpers and no nagging parents! (Hurray for the absence of nagging) But of course, after we have settled down, the homesickness hit me. Eventually, I was able to overcome it.  Maybe because the place is still new and we're having a grand time exploring.

Having been absent from the corporate world for two years, I am psyching myself up for this year as I will be entering this stressful environment again. But I wouldn't want to stress myself with work anymore.  Gone are the days that I want to be climbing up the corporate ladder and be a dragon lady. I just want to earn a decent pay and be able to help my husband bring food to our table. After work, I just want to go home and play horsey with my little tot. I want to look forward to holidays and weekends with my family.

For now, I just have to continue dreaming about those shoes and bags I've been drooling on for like, forever!

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