Monday, 14 March 2011

Busy Weekend

It was a pretty busy weekend for us.  We usually don't get busy weekends unless husband's mother is visiting.  Weekend was busy because she's here and a cousin of mine is coming over too.

Saturday morning was spent at the pool.  Dree had fun, as she always does.  We then went to the dentist for my appointment and headed home.  Dree slept and had a good rest for a few hours.  We went to her pediatrician in the afternoon.  She had her check up and booster shot for Hib vaccine.  Then we went to the grocery for a bit of a shopping before heading home.

Sunday was busy too!  Went to the airport to pick up husband's mother and in laws, had lunch at a nearby resto, went shopping and got home late afternoon.  Good thing Dree wasn't being fussy and was eating the time we were out.

The weekend just breezed by.  I didn't feel like I was able to rest because of the activities we had and I worked too.  I guess I should be looking forward to the next weekend then.  See you around.

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