Sunday, 22 January 2012

Yay For New Stuff!

It's been a while since I bought some cooking/baking stuff. Every time I visit baking supply shops or Ikea, I just feel ecstatic looking at those oh so shiny pots, the nifty kitchen gadget and of course those pretty cookie cutters and muffin cups! Contrary to what survey says, I love receiving kitchen items as gifts (wink, wink!). No matter what occasion as long as these are stuff that I can really use and still don't have. :)

Last Friday, the Husband's aunt arrived and brought a book given by my SIL. The recipes are so easy to follow! I cannot wait to try them. I get so excited just thinking about the different wraps and heavenly desserts I can make. :)

Loving my new recipe book!

Pretty colors
The photo above is my newly purchased silicone muffin cups from Ikea. :) I felt like freaking out earlier when I saw this. We were just going around to see what to get a friend when we go home in March but instead I shopped for myself. Haha Good thing this one's affordable - just S$7.90 (that's about 260 pesos).

I cannot wait to use these pretty muffin cups of mine! I'm planning to make one next week. Of course, I will blog about it. See you soon!

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