Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Paparapapap Papadums!!

Since moving to Singapore, the Husband has been appreciating the Indian culture, or rather the dishes, even more. Most of his co workers are Indians and the shops nearby mostly sell what else -- Indian food of course.

Even when we were still in the Philippines, we were fond of trying out Indian food. We were delighted to see cheaper versions of Samosas, the milky sweets (forgot the name) and of course my all time favorite, Roti, in Manila area. We saw Samosas in Salcedo Saturday Market (Makati) but found them expensive for a veggie samosa. I never thought we could find endless kinds of treats (sweets and savory alike) here in Singapore.

I first encountered Papadums when we visited Mustafa, a big commercial shop in the middle of Little India. The Husband bought an uncooked one. Here's a pic of it:

We cooked it by frying it on a pan since we don't have microwave oven at home. It was really good! I love the combination of tastes - spicy, woodsy and of course the crunchiness of the cracker. You can really taste the common spices being used in most Indian dishes such as cardamom and cumin!

I could probably finish 10 papadums in one sitting! But then again, too much of something isn't good. :( I've read somewhere you can dip it with mango chutney or pair with a lassi. It's a good snack or you can have it as appetizer before a big meal. My toddler daughter loves it, too!


  1. Yummmm ! Haven't eaten that for a while now :P It's cheap there ?

  2. Yes, this is only cheap and one pack has about 30pcs! Yammeehh!