Friday, 20 January 2012

Review: Billy Bombers - Marina Square, Raffles Blvd

When the Husband asked me what I felt like eating, I said I wanted something western.  I wanted something different because all I see in the hawker (food stalls) centers nearby are all oriental food. So off we went to the central part of the city. We got a little busy with Audrina around so we weren't able to spend some time to look at the restaurants in the mall. I told my husband to go for Billy Bombers since it was the first western restaurant we saw. I was too tired to go around, so off we went to Billy Bombers.

the tot with her OJ

Nachos Scottsdale

This one's really good.  I can say that I was really happy with this appetizer that we chose.  The Nachos Scottsdale has grilled chicken, green chillies, salsa and cheese sauce. Although it would've made me happier if there were more of the cheese than the salsa, I was satisfied with this dish. :)

The tot's kid's meal - Fish & Chips

We ordered this together with the OJ for the tot. She wasn't really into the fish but was chomping on the fries like there's no tomorrow. We also ordered the same thing for the Husband who said that it was just "so-so" for his liking. Maybe because he really doesn't like fried food. But he loves fish -- actually any seafood would make him happy.

Fish & Chips - Kid's Meal
Rustic Mashed Potato

This mashed potato came with my baby back ribs. According to the menu, you can opt to have mashed potato or potato salad. I wasn't able to tell the order taker that I want to have mashed potato as my siding. So I had to request for them to change it, thus the following pic showing my food with the potato salad. As for the taste, it was just ok. Not really the gravy I was dreaming about but it was good enough to pass.

The baby back ribs, as always would be the winner as it would be tender and tasty. I love how the meat would easily fall off the bones. And I also like the taste of the sauce. :)

I love the retro feel of the restaurant. Too bad I forgot to take pictures of the interiors. I guess I was too busy with the tot moving around non stop. However, I wasn't really impressed with the food at all. Yes, service was ok but I feel that it was not worth the price we paid for.  Maybe the next visit we should get their best items like the burgers and shakes. After all, it's what they're supposed to be famous for.

As for the rate, from a range of 1-5, I would give it a 2.5. I hope this would go higher the next time we give Billy Bombers a try again. :)

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  1. I love that big serving of fish & chips ! Price not worth it ? Dree , throw Tita some of that oj hahaha