Sunday, 22 January 2012

Review: Ikea Meatballs

Of course a trip to Ikea cannot pass without having their mouthwatering meatballs. Today, the Husband asked if I wanted to go and automatically, I said yes :)

Time to time, I can see people online raving about the meatballs of Ikea. Even if we ate several times at Ikea, I never felt the "meatball love" until today. :P I felt like I ordered too much (15pcs) but since the Husband was having fish, he will finish off my leftovers. Hahaha He's my official terminator, you know. :D

Ikea meatballs with sauce, boiled potatoes and lingonberry jam
I like their creativity of adding a sweet taste like a jam to blend with the cream sauce. Although I think the gravy (like those for chicken or steaks) would be a better compliment for the meatballs. But that's just me :)

Cheese Baked Saithe with boiled potatoes and carrots
The Husband wasn't really happy with the Cheese Baked Saithe. He said he'd still choose Salmon over it anytime. :( I tried it and it was just ok.  I didn't really taste the cheese. But the tenderness of the fish was just right. Not tough, not too soggy. Just cooked right! :)

Anyway, I was able to get a recipe for the meatballs with cream! :)

250 g minced beef
250 g minced pork
1 egg
2-3 dl cream (or milk) and water
2 1/2 tbsp finely chopped onion
1/2 dl unsweetened rusk flour
2 boiled potatoes, cold
4-5 tbsp butter, margarine or oil
salt, white pepper (all spice)


1. Heat the butter and saute onion. Mash the potatoes and moisten the rush flour in a little water.
2. Mix all the other remaining ingredients into a smooth farce of the right consistency and season with salt, white pepper and finely crushed all spice.
3. Using a pair of spoon in rinsed water, shape the mixture into round balls and transfer them to a floured tray.
4. You can fry them in butter over low heat.

Sauce Recipe:

1 dl cream
2 dl water or beef stock
Chinese soy
salt and white pepper to taste


1. Swirl out the pan with a couple of dl boiling water or stock.
2. Strain the pan juices and dilute with cream. Thicken with white flour if preferred.
3. Season with salt and white pepper according to your preference.

You can then serve the meatballs with this sauce together with the boiled potatoes, lingonberry jam and green salad.

I'd like to try this recipe next time I'm in the mood for meatballs. For those who want the meatballs at home but are too tired to make one, you can actually buy a pack or two at the food section of Ikea together with the lingonberry jam and sauce.

Nu äter köttbullar!


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