Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Rodriguez’s Tiny Kitchen Davao

It's been years since Tiny Kitchen started out near our house. I see their signage every time I go out of our subdivision but never got the chance to see the place. Years after, I saw them relocating in Arellano Street and I also saw their items displayed during Christmas bazaars in Davao Convention. Then they moved to another location beside One Fab Pooch, just a few meters away from their original Mabini store. I promised myself to visit the place because I want to try their paella but even if I spent several months in Davao before joining my husband in Manila, I never got to.

This time I got lucky. I met with my high school buddies at Tiny Kitchen - in a not-so-tiny location anymore! :) They moved to Torres Street, just in front of K1 Spa and Taps.  I love the place, it's big and can accommodate lots of people! And I can see that the owners (The Rodriguez family) are very hands on. I was able to speak with the wife, Ms Donna Rodriguez and she was gracious enough to tell me about their gourmet tuyo and the paelleras they use. 

Tiny Kitchen has a pastry line creation called Dulce Vida. They bake their own breads, pastries and cakes. Their lady fingers are sooooo good! :)

I ordered the lemonade, I thought it was just the same old instant juice. But it was fresh! And I had to ask for another cup of syrup to sweeten it because it was too sour. Hee hee

Fresh Lemonade Php 75
I got to the place first so I ordered our paella ahead because there were several people dining in that time.   Even if we waited for close to an hour, I was not disappointed. I love love love the paella! The rice is tender and tasty. The seafood garnishes complemented the dish in just a simple but fantastic way - the fish and squid slices, shells, shrimps and the crab of course!  
Paella Mariscos (small) Php 460
For our second dish, we opted to have the chicken in mushrooms sauce. The warm ciabatta bread served together with the chicken was really yummy! You wouldn't actually look for rice because it's so good. ;)
Mushrooms Sarsa Php 275
We then chose 2 desserts - the Frozen Choco Brazo and the Vanilla Choco Overload. The Choco Overload was just ok for me. I guess I wasn't in the mood for chocolate that time. At first, I didn't like the brazo because I felt like it was too frozen (errr, I know). But when it started to melt, I was smitten!! It was so divine, a melt-in-your-mouth moment.
Frozen Choco Brazo Php 90

Vanilla Choco Overload Php 110
After our meal, I wanted to run around because I was too stuffed! It's a must visit for those of you planning to go to Davao! The staff are courteous and are well-versed with their menu. It's a lovely feeling of being at home in a kitchen where the food are wonderfully made.

The Rodriguez’s Tiny Kitchen Davao/Dulce Vida
Torres St., Davao City, Philippines
Contact: (63 82) 305-9232
Facebook page: The Rodriguez's Tiny Kitchen Davao


  1. Mahalia Jackson sang lemonade ba , namit ?! hee hee You better buy that paella pan ! hahaha

    1. Hehe i wish they were selling the pans Tita Lis, but they weren't :( yes, mahal ang lemonade because medyo expensive ang lemons sa Davao. hehe

  2. Oh.. that Paella! I want to try that choco brazo sis :)

    1. Everything's really yummy at Tiny Kitchen :D

  3. We're coming to Davao for Kadayawan and I'm happy to have stumbled upon this post. Will definitely try Tiny Kitchen's paella :) Excited much!

    1. wow, it's a nice time to visit the city because lots of fruits will be in season and cheap! :)

  4. this looks insanely good... so scrumptious.. and gorgeous pics