Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Breakfast in Davao - Taps

I think no one living in Davao hasn't heard of Taps.  You can see several branches of this establishment sprawling around the city.  After all, it's the breakfast capital of Davao.  And it's not named such for nothing.  You can't miss it, it's been here for like, forever!

Taps is actually a shortened name for tapsilog - beef tapa, sinangag (fried rice), itlog (fried egg). It's owned and operated by the Lizadas.  People who are about to go home from previous night's gimik would frequent this place.  You can forget about diet and being healthy when you're at Taps.

Since I haven't had longganisa/chorizo for the quite some time, I had Hulongsilog - Hubad na longganisa, sinangag and itlog (sunny side up). The longganisa was just perfect, not too salty nor sweet. I was a happy camper, even if my tot was already grumpy. :D

The husband and my parents all had Bellybangsilog - Bangus Belly, sinangag and itlog. According to him, it was nothing spectacular but the meal was filling enough.
Hulongsilog Php 64, Bellybangsilog Php 118

My brother, who considers himself a gourmand had hungarian sausage with fried rice and egg for breakfast!

Hangsilog Php 74
My sister had the famous Lekasilog - lechon kawali, sinangag and itlog.  Her husband had Tosilog - tocino, sinangag and itlog.

Lekasilog Php 79, Tosilog Php 62
Taps serves silogs all day long.  Most of their branches are open 24/7, you can have your silog fix anytime of the day!

Bolton cor Rizal Street
F. Torres Street (front of Coco's)
Matina Town Square, McArthur Highway (in front of Ateneo High School)
Sta. Ana Ave (front of Holy Cross College)
Palma Gil Street
Gov. Duterte Street (near Hotel Galleria)
Damosa Gateway Complex
Open 24 hours (most branches)
Price per person - Php 100


  1. YUM! I miss having tapa for breakfast, maybe I'll have some tomorrow or after the holy week :) But maybe not in Davao, since I'll have to have a plane ticket for that hehe :D

    1. haha madami naman tapsilogan around the country. sarap ng breakfast pag sinangag ang rice! :D