Saturday, 14 April 2012

Breakfast Buffet in Probinsya - Davao

Since I was having problems on how to squeeze in time to meet with my friends while spending a week in Davao, I met up with close friends at my previous work at breakfast. One friend suggested to eat at Probinsiya and I agreed because it's been a while since I ate at this old family favorite. :) It's just an excuse to jog around the Victoria Plaza grounds, the ultimate goal would always be breakfast buffet at Probinsya. hehe

Native salad bar
Dried Fish

Plain Rice, Fried Rice and Arroz Caldo


More kakanin

And some more kakanin

Egg and puto bumbong station

Pure Tablea

My plate - chicken adobo, scrambled egg, fried rice, bangus and chorizo

Chicken Mami, watermelon

Puto Bumbong, ftw!

My choices for kakanin
Sorry for the low quality photos. I was too hungry and very excited for chismis time with my girl friends. :D

Probinsya - Taste of Home
Victoria Plaza Compound
J.P. Laurel Avenue Davao City 8000, Philippines
Contact: (63 82) 225 1455
Price per person: Php 148


  1. That spread looks like heaven !!! I couldn't help but sigh while looking at those amazing yumminess ! I want that CHORIZO badly hahahaha Did you buy some Tablea ?

    1. Hehe yes Tita Lis, that's neu's favorite. :D

  2. Oh my goodness, the kakanin(s) look delectable! Sis, maayo gyud ka mopili ug lugar ba, hehehe! Wala pa gyud ko nakasuroy anang imong gipang adtuan sa Davao. akong nasuruyan kay sa Gerry's Grill ra sa Abreeza mall ug sa Antonio's sa SM.

    1. haha sa kadugay ba naman nako sa Davao, di pa nako ma memorize ang mga lami kan-an! haha when you go home to Davao, try to visit these places :)