Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hukad in Abreeza

We had dinner at Hukad at Abreeza Ayala Mall a night before we left. It was pretty busy for a weekday night.  We had to wait for 20 minutes to be seated.

I had the Sago't Gulaman. As always, this didn't fail me. Just as long as the sago's cooked well and the drink's sweet, I'm good baby!

Sago't Gulaman
The Blue Marlin was good. It could've been better with the serving portion but I guess it was pretty ok.
Sizzling Blue Marlin
The Bicol Express was really disappointing. As you can see, there's more fat than meat. The taste was ok but of course one would want to eat meat rather than fat, right?
Bicol Express
My daughter enjoyed this soup, but I can't for the life of me remember what this was. She had this soup with chicken and had 3 servings!
Some tinola soup
Chicken Pandan was so-so. They used meat with some bones and it was a let-down for me. To add, they provided vinegar based dipping sauce which is not technically a pair for the chicken pandan.
Chicken Pandan
This dish was just so-so. The husband wasn't really blown away however my parents were pleased with the added twist of crispy pork in this traditional Filipino dish.
Crispy Dinuguan

The humba was nice because there was a good balance of meat and the fat. If you're a humba lover, you'd like this because the skin is tender and the sauce was really savory.
They serve unlimited rice! So for you rice lovers and in the mood for Filipino cuisine, then head to Hukad. Just don't expect too much when you're there during peak hours. :D We actually cancelled one dish we ordered because we were almost done eating when we remembered that we were missing the pancit canton. Good thing they also forgot about it, so no need to feel guilty that they cooked and we cancelled it. Hee hee

Overall, our experience in Hukad was average. I would give it a score of 7/10 because the food wasn't really great and the service didn't impress me much. However, I may give it another try next time but it should be off peak hours.

2nd Floor Abreeza Mall
JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City
Price per person: Php150-200


  1. I miss eating Humba na gyud sis! Makagutom mag-tan-aw sa mga photos!

  2. The chicken pandan you made before looks way better than that one ! :D I want that sago't gulaman !

  3. Your site title always gives me a smile "harassed" mom. I picture how my mom looked before, when we were kids :P

  4. I honestly have never tried a humba before. I guess I'm missing a lot.

    1. Humba, you can forget. It should be Lechon! :D

  5. All these food looks yummy! Too bad you didn't have an awesome dining experience at Hukad. I love Bicol Express, and yes, I'd have more meat than fat in that dish. I don't think I've ever had humba before, or maybe I did, I just don't know the dish's name.. XD

    1. Baka na try mo na, parang adobo din kasi ang humba. hehe