Monday, 18 June 2012

Petit Provence

When my little girl used to attend a class in Tampines NTUC, we would frequent the malls around the area. Usually after each session, we will swing by Tampines Mall or Century Square. I can see that there are several bakeries around but one of the bakeshops that I like around Tampines Central is Petit Provence. Although they only have a few, I love the assortment of breads they offer.

Last week, I bought 2 pieces. The coffee roll and the milk pan. I believe the milk pan is one of the best sellers and I haven't seen this kind of bread in any other bakeries I've visited. According to their website, the milk pan is "Soft on the outside, softer on the inside. The smooth, creamy and milky filling will take your breath away." And I must say, yes, the creamy filling does feel magical, almost taking you to bread heaven. :D

The milk bread up close. Sorry, it doesn't really look that way. But because it was dumped in my bag and I was scurrying after the little girl around, it became like a raisin after. Well, not really a raisin but more like a grape on its way to becoming one.
Milk Pan $1.60
Usually, a coffee bun that you can see is filled with cinnamon or raisins. But this one made my eyes lit up.  It was coffee flavored with chocolate chips. And the bread is very soft, it almost melts in your mouth. Just perfect!
Coffee Roll $1.40
I can remember one time that I bought a cream cheese bread and when I bit, I felt something hard. When I took a closer look, there was a staple wire. I didn't know what to do at first. Should I take a photo of it as a proof? Should I give it back? The husband told me to just show it to the staff just so they will be aware. So when I explained it to them, they were really sorry and gave me 2 new cream cheese breads! Oh yeah, honesty pays! :)

The prices of the bread are not cheap, I must say. But if you're in the mood for some indulgence of sweet breads, head to Petit Provence. Try their wassants, they're also yummy!

Petit Provence
Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5, #01-16
10am-10pmContact: 6467 6966


  1. Tin , good thing you didn't swallow that staple wire ! :P Sus mio ! Uber expensive ang bread dra ?! You should start baking your own bread !

  2. The coffee roll looks good! At first abi nako ug chocolate roll :)

  3. Yummy coffee roll!! I wanna have 1 :)

  4. ooo these look like treats i used to find when i lived in south soft and so sweet and delicious! i miss them all the time!

  5. Blagag!!!

    That was me... I just fainted LOL!

    ANG SARAP!!!