Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Marcia Adams' Restaurant

When I came across Michy's blog mentioning about Marcia Adams' Restaurant in Tagaytay, I suddenly remembered our experience there. We went there January of 2011.  I haven't been to Europe but this place looks like what we see in the movies! It was a breathtaking view of the sunset with the cool breeze of Tagaytay air, it was just perfect. :)

As you can see, the place looks homey and makes you feel like cozying up in the sunset lounge. I was really pleased that the husband chose this place. He took a lot of research of the place, did the reservations and read up on how to get there.

My daughter and I
We were served with warm bread with olive oil and balsamic reduction. The husband and I love this -- with any kind of bread. But don't indulge too much, you might miss enjoying the main course!
Freshly baked bread with olive oil and balsamic reduction
Since the meal we ordered came with a soup, we chose the Galician Soup and Pumpkin. My daughter liked the Galician Soup. It was a clear broth with beans, potatoes, lettuce and ham. I liked how simple yet very tasty the soup was. I totally forgot how the pumpkin soup tasted. :D

I had the Lemon-Lime Bitters while the husband had the Peachee Bundaberg. It tasted weird at first but it grew on me. See how it was presented? It looks so cute with a crocheted glass cover. Told you it was homey!
Galician Soup, Lemon-Lime Bitters, Bundaberg Peachee and Pumpkin Soup
Oh my, the Grilled Aromatic Pork was a winner. According to their menu this is "Massaged with aromatic spices & herbs. Moist, tender and very tasty".  I could still remember how it tasted and I wish I could make one like this. 
Grilled Aromatic Pork
I can see that this is not in their current menu anymore. This dish was also a standout. The meat was so soft, it falls off the bones. Although I wish the skin wasn't included because I don't like it, unless it's fried. :D 
Chicken Tagine with Organic Rice
When I tried cooking couscous, this is what I always imagine. I'm not a fish fan, but this blew me away. The fish was tender and moist and full-flavored. The husband loved this dish the most. Maybe because, unlike me, he is an ardent fan.
Fish Souvlaki with Couscous
The Fried Bananas with Chocolate Dip was nothing unusual. I'm a fan of bananas and chocolate but them together? Hmmm... I've tasted this before and I wasn't blown away too.
Fried Banana with Chocolate Dip
The other dessert we had was the Lemon Panna Cotta. It was the best balance of tart and sweetness combined. The panna cotta was very soft and the lemon sauce complimented it very well. But I'm wondering why the sauce was green if it was lemon flavored?! Or was it really lime? I can't remember exactly.
Panna Cotta with Lemon Sauce
Pathway going to the sunset lounge
I remember there was a group of friends in the sunset lounge when we were there that's why I wasn't able to take a photo of the area. 

The place is a bit hard to find if you're like me (who can't follow instructions :D). It's more than a hundred meters away from the highway. I really thought we took the wrong turn. Thanks to the Husband who's good with directions. 

Since our visit was more than a year ago, their menu has changed. I'm sure they still serve sumptuous meals and I hope I can go back soon.

Marcia Adams' Restaurant
J.P.Rizal St, Brgy Sikat, 4123 Alfonso, Philippines
Contact: +63 917 801-1456


  1. I've read about this resto before in Daphne Osena's blog ! The food looks so yummy ! You look so gwapa here ! hahahaha

    1. ahihi daw mestisa noh? amo lang ni ang mga desente nga picture mo.

  2. thanks for sharing your experience, nanghinayang tuloy ako at di kami natuloy. hehe!

    1. haha okay lang yan. at least may motivation to go there next time! :)

  3. try ko nga din to. parang ang sarap nung pork, ginutom na naman ako bigla hehe.. =)

  4. The place looks so lovely. :)

  5. The foods look yummy especially the Grilled Aromatic Pork and Fish Souvlaki with Couscous. =)

  6. the food and the ambience is just welcoming. it's like a dream date for me :)