Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bao Today

Over the weekend, we thought of using the voucher we purchased last month. I was excited to eat dimsum again! :)

We got to Marina Square past 1pm and we were really hungry already.  Good thing the place wasn't packed so we got ourselves a table right away and the staff offered a high chair for the little tot. Service is good and they started serving our orders after 10 minutes! :)

I was a bit disappointed because a lot of the items we chose were not available - like the Xiao Long Bao and the Baked Egg Tarts. Boo.

Mango Pudding
Our drinks - Pineapple Ice Blended and Milo Dinosaur

The Shrimp and Spinach Dumplings were really tasty! I loved that it has a generous amount of shrimps in it.
Shrimp and Spinach Dumpling
Chee Cheong Fun with Scallops were soft and yummy on the inside. The sauce perfectly complimented the excellent texture of the noodle and the scallops inside.
Chee Cheong Fun with Scallops
This was supposed to be my meal but the tot finished all the noodles! This dish also came with a soup with 2 dumplings in it. I liked the char siew and the fried dumplings!
Char Siew and Golden Dumpling
The prawn dumpling was such a delight, I forgot I was disappointed that they didn't have Xiao Long Bao anymore!
Scallop Prawn Dumpling
The spare ribs was a bit of a letdown because there were too much fat and bones, not much meat. :(
Spare Ribs
Instead of having the Siew Mai, I don't know why I chose the Chicken Bao. I guess I just wanted to try it since it was something different. It was made of chicken and chives, and I liked how it was a bit of savory and sweet at the same time.
Chicken Sesame Bao
I forgot to take a photo of the Salmon that the husband had. I was too busy feeding the little girl. :D

Overall, I was pleased with the food. Everything we had were good! Well, I guess except for the Mango Pudding which I think tasted like it was really made with artificial mango flavoring. I guess I was happy we only paid about $21.50 for everything we had but technically it was $41.50, thanks to our voucher!

Bao Today
6 Raffles Boulevard,
Tel: +65 6336 2237 | Website

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  1. Mmmmmmmm ! The food looks drool worthy ! Expensive gli kon no voucher ?! pffftttt