Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Party Bites

Sometimes I want to have simple party at home like a wine and cheese night with hors d'oeuvres or finger foods being served. A small gathering close friends and just talk about anything and everything.

These are some of the items that I have tried making and would want to serve:

1. Croquettes

2. Pita with Oregano Chips dipped in Cream Cheese Chive Dipping Sauce

3. Scones

4. Chicken BBQ in Pita

5. For dessert, I can probably serve Double Berry Trifle

6. Or bite size New York Cheescake

If you would host a small party for 10 people, what do you plan to serve? :)


  1. I like the croquettes sis! And maybe scones too :)

  2. Yum... especially that Cheese Cake. Makes me want to pig out, after this fasting week.

  3. wow sis, can you share of the recipes here? I'd love to try too! It's a bit lonesome around just want to explore on cooking...

    1. Hi Ms Journ, I have the links there on the post :)

  4. Yummy. If I were to hold a party for 10, everything will be store bought. LOL!

  5. Cheesecake definitely ! Cut in bite-size pieces :D Fried lumpia , espresso gelato , some pasta .....

  6. I want the Croquettes, Chicken BBQ in Pita, Double Berry Trifle, and New York Cheescake! Or pde lahat na sis? haha sira ang diet!

  7. Ahh food... and this is why I enjoy the visit to your blog every time!

    I hope I get invited to your intimate party so I could experience these and enjoy what your family had in the past. From the photos, they look very delicious! By the way, can we follow each other?

  8. would love to make the desserts! :)

  9. wow! would love to have dessert!..parang sosyal sosyal naman...waley ako pagdating sa pagluto..

  10. Lovely food.. I like the pita bread the best.. my personal favourite.

  11. A party for BC Bloggers would be nice. haha! The cheesecake looks so yummy. Do you have some recipes sis? :-)