Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's Only A Cafe, Don't Take It So Seriously...

With A Pinch of Salt by Kyra
We had an early celebration of Father's Day yesterday. It was double celebration because our little girl also turned 33 months old as well. 

After swimming, we headed to East Coast area to have lunch at With a Pinch of Salt. It took us almost an hour to get to Tanjong Katong road from Tampines Sports Stadium. Whew! Good thing the place wasn't hard to find. 

When you get to their door, you could browse their menu and see the offer below from UOB.

The husband said the place reminds him of Mom & Tina's in Manila. It was homey and quaint.  Feels cozy and kid-friendly, too.

Free internet connection!
While I was finishing my meal, my little girl played and read the books with her dad. It was a wonderful idea that they have this in the cafe, to keep little kids busy before or after eating.  They also have magazines!
Books and magazine to keep you entertained
The husband got the Seafood Black Lips pasta. It was spaghetti cooked in squid ink with fish, shrimps, squid and clams.  The taste was unique! Reminds me of paella negra but with a twist. Imagine eating it with pasta instead of rice. Cool, right? :)
Black Lips $15.90
I was in the mood for some sausages so I got the Bangers and Mash.  It's refreshing to have a taste of the English Bratwurst and Chorizo sausages again. I loved the mashed potatoes, it was smooth and lightly seasoned. I believe the brown sauce they're referring in their menu is the gravy that I'm accustomed to, which made me really happy with this dish! :)
Bangers & Mash $10.90
The little tot had the soup of the day, cream of chicken soup.  It was tasty but I found the serving a bit small.  I was hoping we'll get a big portion since it was priced at almost $5 but it was a small bowl and the little girl finished it in no time. 
Soup of the day - Chicken Soup $4.90
We ordered an additional dish, just to let the little girl have something to munch on.  True enough, the soup didn't make her full. She was still hungry and ate some of her dad's Black Lips pasta and these potato wedges.  No wonder she's very heavy to carry!!
Potato Wedges $7.90
Our total bill was almost $40, including GST. Not sure though about the service charge. It was the husband who paid the bill.  They accept NETS and credit card (Visa/Mastercard, no Amex) with a minimum purchase of $20.

We enjoyed our food and as much as we would want to go back again, I guess we won't be doing it anytime soon as the trip is very long from our place! But it was definitely worth our time. Food and service were great, the place was also clean. It's a departure from the typical big chain restaurant. Our preference has always been the hole-in-the-wall, cozy type of place.

With A Pinch Of Salt
297 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437080
Contact: 6348 2297
Website: With A Pinch of Salt
Menu (menu is kinda outdated)


  1. i think i'd like dree's order for myself. i mean the soup and the wedges. the pasta looks interesting though.

  2. Curious on that Seafood Black Lips Pasta. The place is sooo cute :-)

  3. The place looks really fun! Wondering how unique does seafood black lips pasta taste! Nice share! :)

  4. the food looks enticing + i would love to try those black pasta, too!

    i wish every restaurant will put a shelf or two filled with books the little ones can thumb on once they are done eating so moms like us can eat in peace, especially if we are dining alone! clever idea. i'd love to visit this place one day! :D

  5. happy father's day to your hubby.

  6. I love the cozy ambiance, plus the corner for the kids is such a good idea especially because they can't stay still that long.

    Sausage and Mash looks yummy.

  7. Love how dainty the place looks like! And all the food look really yummy too! :D Wish I can eat at that cafe on my next Singapore visit.

  8. Love the homey ambience ! The food sure looks delicious !

  9. Black Lips pasta sounds interesting! The potato wedges looks yummy!

  10. i am intrigue of the black pasta...

  11. Galing a. I've never been to a food joint that had 'entertainment' for children. Wise move. Wait, does burgoo count? Meron sila nung crayons and something.

  12. it is so hard for me to feed my 5 years old son with healthy foods, he always asked for hotdog, beefloaf and chorizo:( he wont try eating veggies and he keeps on spitting them:(

  13. the ambiance is cool, but the black spag..hmmm..parang..di ko type hehe.

  14. nyahh.. I starve just by looking at the photos...