Friday, 8 June 2012

Date Night at Nando's

Two weeks ago, the husband and I were able to sneak in a date night because the little girl slept early. So we had dinner at a nearby restaurant, Nando's. If I remember it correctly, it's been over a year since we had an all-adult dinner. :)

The sauces they use - Hot, Extra Hot, Mild and Lemon & Herb
According to their website, these are the:

  • Extra Hot Peri-Peri - Evoke tears of joy with our flavour for serious chili lovers
  • Hot Peri-Peri - If you really want to spice things up
  • Mild Peri-Peri - A little warmer - perfect for those looking for more adventure
  • Lemon & Herb - For beginner or those who like lots of flavour, but not too much heat

The husband's choice was the Cataplana Originale in Hot Peri-Peri. We thought it looked like an alien or a war weapon used in the olden times. 
The husband's choice, Cataplana Originale S$19.90 -- looks like an alien weapon
True enough, it was like a bomb. The chicken, that is. The husband usually likes very spicy food. He eats a dried chili straight up. But this was one really spicy. I also tried it and unfortunately, it didn't impress me much. Maybe because the sauce was too overpowering and it took away the beauty of the dish. :(
And the insides were lethal!
I had the 1/4 Chicken in Hot Peri-Peri as well. It was too spicy and I didn't finish my meal :( The rice went well with the chicken but I guess choosing the fries was just too much of carbo loading. 
My plate, 1/4 chicken with 2 sidelines S$14.90
I liked my drink, Madeira Red. Until I realized it was soda. Urk. I don't usually drink soda so does the husband. I wish they had bottomless iced tea instead of this fancy shmancy soda drink!
Madeira Red - S$4.90
The husband and I would like to go back to Nando's to give it another try. This time, we have to choose Mild Peri-Peri! :)

Nando's Peri-Peri
Outlets in Singapore:
Bugis Junction Victoria Street - 6448 6555
Tanglin Mall Tanglin Road - 6235 3555
Plaza Singapura Orchard Road - 6337 2555
Tampines Mall Tampines Central - 6789 5052
Katong Mall East Coast Road - 6636 3165
JCube Jurong East - 6684 5387
Website: Nando's


  1. Awwwwww ! Dinner date ! Sweet ! lol I love the look of the food ! Not really that good huh ?!

  2. this is one thing i miss, date with my hubby. no more dates after i gave birth.

  3. aha! yan din fave namin ni hubby... sya super hot... ako mild lang... hihihi ;-) with chips and coleslaw.. yum!

  4. I wish we have Nando's in Cebu! I'd like to devour that whole extra hot peri-peri and see if I can live for another day.

  5. Alien weapon, hahahaha! namuot ko sis, hehehe! I like the name of the place, it reminds me of my dad's name, Fernando.

    I'm like your husband, I love extra hot sauce too. My favorite here is Tabasco. Your drink looks good. Does it taste like Margarita? because there is a salt around the rim of the glass.

  6. Ah Nando's! The food's great right? Hubby and I had our taste of Nando's in Malaysia. Your blog's great by the way! Will be coming back for more. :-)

  7. i love nando's too but its too expensive here in Bahrain. I think the one in London or Dubai is a lot cheaper.