Thursday, 22 March 2012

Review: Bacolod Chicken House

Of course, a trip to Bacolod won't be complete without a taste of the ever famous chicken inasal. Actually, I was already dreaming of doing kinamut with my garlic rice and pecho (petso) even before we left for our vacation. Yum yum.

For those who are not familiar with inasal, let me give you a brief explanation about it. Inasal is a hiligaynon term for barbecue.  However, Bacolodians/Bacolenos/Bacolodnons do it in a different way. They use ingredients that are local and easy to find in every grocery - lemongrass, vinegar, garlic, sugar and annatto seeds. You marinate the chicken and baste it while cooking to achieve the sublime taste - a wonderful combination of the marinade in every bite.

When you get to Chicken House, you can choose to sit on the airconditioned room or in the open air area. Normally, I wouldn't mind sitting in the non airconditioned room but since we had two kids with us, we opted to sit inside the room. It's an additional 10% charge on your bill if you want a more comfortable seat. :)

There were eight of us and we ordered pecho/paa, baticulon and atay together with garlic rice and iced tea. As you can see on the menu below, what they offer is pretty straight up. Chicken and several parts like isol (chicken backside) Php30/stick, atay (liver) Php28/stick, baticulon (gizzard) Php22/stick, li-og (neck) Php18/serving, and chicken skin Php49/serving. They also serve whole roasted chicken for Php185. For pork choices, they have spare ribs for Php86 and Pork Barbecue for Php28/stick.

I love their garlic rice because it's not the usual oil-laden type, it was cooked perfectly right and showered with garlic bits on top, just the way I like it. SIL and I ordered bottomless iced tea and MIL ordered 7-Up in can.

The menu

Pecho, paa, baticulon and atay

Another look

The perfect garlic rice for me.
As always, service doesn't fail to make me a satisfied customer of Bacolod Chicken House. The manong was very attentive to our needs - was filling up the glasses with water if he noticed we were gulping them down non stop, he was more than happy to give us the condiments we asked for and was consistently smiling. Who wouldn't love to have a delicious meal with a pleasant staff? :)

Our bill was about Php1200++. Overall, the experience and the food was great. Not only did we fill our tummies with yummies but we also were served with a smile. We also had a doggy bag as we had leftovers of the atay and baticulon. Man, I was stuffed!

Bacolod Chicken House
24th Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City
+63 34-4349405
Price per person - Php 130


  1. Ackkkkkk ! You're going to be there for 2 weeks , I need to put a box of tissue in front of me hahaha My stomach rumbles when I saw all the yumminess tsk tsk ;D