Friday, 30 March 2012

Cyma Greek Taverna in Ayala Cebu

Before heading to my lovely hometown, we spent a few hours in Cebu. We decided to go to Ayala since we never got a chance to visit any restaurant located there. It was the perfect chance to indulge in good food. :)

We chose Cyma because we felt that all the other restaurants were, in the husband's own words - generic.  It's not actually our first time to dine at Cyma but it has been a while and since we both missed greek dishes, so off we went! :)

Cyma's Interiors

The staff convinced me to get the pink lemonade. It was a mistake that I didn't ask if it was bottomless. Sheesh. I'm a bottomless iced tea/lemonade fan, you know. :D I felt bad that I didn't get to have another glass of this refreshing drink.

Pink Lemonade - Php 120
The husband chose to have the Cyma Chopped Salad. I don't know what it's made of but according to their website, it has mixed greens, arugula, toasted walnuts, sliced pears, sun-dried tomatoes, crumbled bleu cheese and grated parmesan, served with Traditional Greek Vinaigrette. The husband loved it because of the sun-dried tomatoes. Sorry, I couldn't share much because I didn't bother to try it. Hihi

The husband's salad
Cyma Chopped Salad - Php 250
I ordered the soup for the tot, thinking she would like it. But unfortunately she was not in the mood to be in adventurous. It's made of simmered mung beans and served with garlic bread that you can dip in olive oil and red wine vinegar. The husband finished the soup since the tot wanted to play instead of eating this dish.

Mung Bean Fakes - Php 120
I chose Chicken Souvlaki since I was in the mood for this grilled greek dish.  All souvlakis are normally served with grilled warm pita bread, parsley salad and our yogurt garlic sauce but I had mine with rice. It reminds me of the fish souvlaki the husband had in a restaurant in Tagaytay that was really wonderful. I was really happy with this dish, it's very tasty even without the sauce.
Chicken Souvlaki - Php 340

Cyma Greek Taverna
Ground Floor The Terraces
Ayala Center,Cebu City, Philippines
Price per person - Php 300 - 400
Contact: +63 (32) 417 1351

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  1. Been there too! I've tried salmon and salad. I love greek food! Plus points for the mediterranean ambiance