Sunday, 25 March 2012

Felicia's Pastry Cafe and Steak Room

Since the husband promised a dine out, we thought of trying Felicia's Steak Room. The elegant place itself speaks sophistication. With the brown black and white color contrast, the interiors exhibit luxury and style. Of course the food doesn't disappoint.

Table setting

Salt and pepper shakers

The other rooms of Felicia's are for the pastry shop and for functions. They also serve meals such as pasta, sandwiches and sweets.


While waiting for our food, we were given complimentary bread and butter.

Warm bread with butter
The first food that came was the Paella Madrileña. It was a delight not to wait for more than 30 minutes for a paella. I noticed that some restaurants require an advance order or a waiting time of half an hour for this labor intensive dish.  The husband's only complaint was that it was too oily.  For me, I loved the dish except for the skin of the chicken that was included. 
Pasta Madrileña
The Hickory Spare Ribs didn't disappoint me either.  The grilled vegetables complemented the full-bodied taste of the sauce. I love how the meat is tender however I find the sauce too over powering. But then again, it's just me. The husband didn't complain so I guess he liked it.

Hickory Spare Ribs
The dessert was mango flavored. I totally forgot the name of this frozen dish. It has chiffon on the bottom, vanilla ice cream with mango cubes and mango flavored covering.  It was a delicate and simple dessert.  I loved that I finished my meal with a sweet treat.

For intimate lunch or dinner, I'd suggest you go for Felicia's.  The place is worth going to.  If it's dinner, probably best to do a reservation because the steak room is a bit small and might get crowded quickly especially on weekends.

Felicia’s Pastry Cafe
6th Street DOLL Bldg
Bacolod City, Philippines
(34) 433.6586
Mon - Thu:   09:00 - 23:00
Fri - Sat:       09:00 - 23:45
Sun:             09:00 - 23:00


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  2. The mango dessert looks tempting and yummy!

    1. It was rather simple than how it looks :) I just remembered it's name, it's mango mousse. hehe