Monday, 18 March 2013

Marché Restaurant

Over the weekend, we went to Orchard. This rarely happens, like once in 3 months. Mwahaha! I always like going there. Even if we just walk around, makes me feel very cosmopolitan. Hek hek

Apologies, this entry won't be highlighting the resto's showstopper - the pork knuckle.  We didn't order it because it's expensive (S$43/pc) and we weren't really in the mood to indulge.

Moving on, I had the Garlic Pork Sausage with Baked Potato. It was just okay. I originally wanted the grilled chicken but it wasn't available. And they didn't have any spicy sausages like chorizo or even just the hungarian. Sad. :(

Garlic Pork Sausage S$5.90 Baked Potato S$3.20
The husband ordered the seafood paella. I love the tenderness of the seafood (mussels and shrimp) however I wasn't really fond of the celery, I don't like a hint of sweetness in my paella. :D But the husband was happy so I guess this dish was value for money!
Seafood Paella S$16.90
We got the Cream of Asparagus and Plain Rosti (not in photo) for the little girl. But she was too busy playing in the play area, she didn't even spend more than 10 minutes with us to eat! We had to force feed (well, not really force, if you know what I mean :P) her with the soup. But she didn't finish it, she ate the bread we bought at the resto's bakery, though.
Cream of Asparagus S$5.30
The husband got these bruschetta as add ons (I guess to have more carbs?!!). I didn't know these were bruschettas, I guess I'm used to chopped tomatoes on top of a slice of french baguette. These were nice - warm and chewy. :)
Bruschetta S$2.90
For dessert, we had the Chocolate Mousse. I spent more than 10 minutes just ogling at the desserts. I couldn't make up my mind! Good thing I chose this over the Panna Cotta. The husband loved it because it's Dark Chocolate! 
Chocolate Mousse S$5.40
We paid a total of $52 inclusive of everything. Not bad for all the food we had. They gave our little girl a balloon and they have free pretty little mints after you pay. Of course, we will be back. To try the pork knuckle, perhaps? :D
Free mints!

313 Orchard Road
#01-39/46 313 @ Somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6834 4041

Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm


  1. ooooo, ahhhhh! those bruschettas look TASTY!

  2. ang mahal naman kasi kumain diyan. hehe! kakaiba nga yung bruschetta.

  3. Tin , I think the pork knuckle is worth the price :D Do try it next time and let me drool lol Those are bruschetta ? Weird :D They look very tasty though .....

  4. sounds sulit. not bad. haha. pero seriously, namatay ako sa presyo.