Monday, 1 October 2012

Colorful Cake Lollies

Some of the sweets I prepared for my little girl's party were cake pops. Others call it cake lollies or or lollipop cake. And probably some other names but they're all the same - crumbled cake shaped like lollipops and covered with colorful frosting and decorated with pretty little things!

I thought of having these little treats because I feel that the little ones would enjoy them and the adults would, too. They're eye candies and not hard to eat - you just bite into it, no need for plate or fork. :)

What you need:
- any cake, crumbled
- 1/3-1/2 cup frosting (any would do)
- cake pop sticks
- mixing bowl
- candy melts or compound white chocolate (I used Tulip brand)
- food coloring (if using white chocolate)
- toothpick
- spatula
- any topping (colored sprinkles, marshmallows, nuts, etc)
- styrofoam or floral foam


1. In a bowl, crumble the cake. If you have a food processor, you can use the pulse button for a few seconds and you'll get a good result in no time!

2. Slowly add half of the frosting and mix. Add more and adjust the consistency. Just make sure the cake mixture is sticky but not too mushy.

3. Roll about 1 1/2 Tbsp of the mixture into a smooth ball and place them into a parchment lined sheet. 

4. Once you have finished rolling everything into a ball, prepare your lollipop sticks. Dip each into your leftover frosting and insert into the ball about halfway.

5. Put the balls in the freezer for an hour or so. Just so the balls will harden when you decorate them.

Wrong way - bowl shouldn't touch the water.
6. When you're ready to decorate your lollicakes, prepare a double broiler for the chocolate coating. You can opt to use colored Candy Melts. For me, I used white chocolate. After tempering it, divided into bowls and used food coloring.

Ready for freezing!
7. Dip the hardened cake balls into the bowls. Top with your desired candies, nuts or design with another color.

8. Stick the lollicakes on the styrofoam or floral foam and let them dry.

Pretty, aren't they? :)
9. You can opt to serve them as is or cover them with clear plastic and tie with a ribbon.

10. Give them away and let the guests enjoy! :)


  1. wow, very cute! sis di ba pwede royal icing ipang-drizzle sa cake lollies?

    1. Thanks, Cecil. :) Yep, pwede din royal icing.

    2. Cecil, i just realized, pang drizzle lang yung royal icing ha. not to cover the cake pops. :D

  2. thanks for this sis. might try this soon. mas prefer ko pa rin mga no-bake goodies. hahaha.

    btw, i just followed you :)

  3. Uh oh craving for something sweet because of your post but I'm going sugar-free ;)

  4. Oooh. So cute! :) I sometimes wish I had a kid so I'll have an excuse to make these. :)

  5. tin , your homemade lollies look so cute and colorful ! And I'm sure yummy as well :D