Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Homemade Treat

There are times my little girl would just blurt out -- Mom, I want ice cream! How can I say no if she screams and throws a tantrum in a public place? Eeep. So if I can't really convince her to stop, I'd have to tell her we'll have ice cream at home. Cheaper for me, since I have stock of vanilla ice cream in the fridge most of the time. Plus, I can add fruits or what nots I have in the cupboard!

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  1. anak ko din, pag nasa labas kami hilig magpabili ng ice cream.

  2. looks delish..i might make some in the future for me since my daughter is still a baby.

  3. Tin , yup ! Way cheaper gid ! Pila na ayhan kon e buy mo ?! lol Love the yummy combo and I'm sure Miss Dree really enjoyed it ! So as her Mom I bet ! :D