Monday, 8 April 2013


The husband has mentioned to me several times before that he wants to try the restaurant in Tampines 1 because it looks promising. So one Sunday last month, we decided to give it a try. When we entered the place, we were greeted nicely by the staff and were given a spacious seat as we have a little girl with us.

It took us a while to choose what we wanted. Their menu was a mishmash of everything! From rice plates to Italian dishes to steaks to beers and wines. Whoa, it's overwhelming. After several minutes of flipping the pages over and over, we decided to get the make-your-own sampler. We had the following:
  • Caesar's Salad
  • Soft shell crab
  • Potato Wedges
  • Grilled Chicken (2 orders)
  • Baked Potato

And we chose four sauces to complement the food we ordered - Caesar's dressing (for the salad), cheese (for the wedges), pesto and the green chili. 

Sampler - $44.20

Additional rice and four sauces

I instantly fell in love with the soft shell crab. It was love at first bite, the first time I truly enjoyed a crab. Yes, I've tried Singapore's Chili Crab but this one's different. Maybe because I was able to eat everything, unlike the usual crab which you need to use a mullet, crack it open and get the meat. The husband said I should try the Thai soft shell crab because it's really tasty. I can't wait for that!

The rest of the crew were just okay, I guess I was too blown away with the crab. Haha! Contrary to the online reviews I've read, service in Lena's was good. Staff were smiling and attentive. No complaints here! :) We'll be back, to try the other dishes of course.

Website: Lena's
Facebook: MinistryOfFood


  1. I love that sampler, for sure busog na busog ako diyan. hehehe!

  2. This looks appetizing! Masarap ba?

    You're in Singapore now? Are you working there too? The last time you wrote about your whereabouts if my memory serves me well was when you mentioned in one of your posts about the transfer... was this the transfer? Take care!

    1. Hi Farida, the transfer was from another house to the one where we stay now. Been here for the last 2 years na :D And yes, the food was nice!

  3. I want soft shell crab too! :) thanks for sharing

  4. Those are drool-worthy yumminess :D The soft shell crab and the grilled chicken look really good ! It's nice that they offered different kind of sauces .

  5. The food look so good, I bet taste so yummy:)

  6. Nakakagutom. Sayang di ko makatikim nyan. Wala dito;)