Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I'm in Paradise!

When we had the lunch at Thai Express, I can't get my mind off the coconut ice cream and glutinous rice dessert we had. So I thought, "Why not make my own?" Hmmm... But then I realized, where would I get coconut ice cream? I scoured at least 4 big grocery stores but I didn't find any, even just the Yam & Coconut was out of stock. Argh! I checked for recipes online, and I was happy as a clam! I can make coconut ice cream without having to use an Ice Cream Maker! Wahooooo! :)) Will share the recipe on a separate post :)


3/4 cup Glutinous rice (soaked in water, overnight)
crushed peanuts
1/2-3/4 cup Coconut cream
1/3 cup brown sugar
Slices of ripe mangoes
Coconut ice cream


1. Soak the glutinous rice in water at least 6 hours or overnight. Strain and prepare for cooking.

2. Cook by steaming the rice over a boiling water. The thai way is by using a basket atop a boiler and the rice is covered in cheesecloth. For me, I used a clean washcloth and steamed the glutinous rice for about an hour or until the rice becomes tender and shiny.

3. In a medium bowl, cook the sugar and coconut cream. Add the cooked rice. Cook for about 15 minutes. Adjust the quantity of cream according to how much rice you have, just enough to coat it.

4. Stem the rice again, but not covering with cloth anymore. Do this for about 20-30 minutes or until the rice is sticky. Let rice cool for about 30 minutes. Roll them into small balls.

5.  Arrange plate by putting the glutinous rice balls. Sprinkle with peanuts, serve with mango slices and a scoop of coconut ice cream. Enjoy!



  1. bookmarked na for future recipe. thanks for sharing =)

  2. wow! I will try these soon. I am not really a fan of coconut but you got me intrigued about how good this dessert is!

  3. food look so yummy! :) thanks for sharing

  4. Ohh delicious. Perfect for the hot weather. Yum!

  5. Dessert paradise :D Looks refreshing and so yummy !

  6. OMG. Thank you for sharing this. This is one of my fave desserts!

  7. Wow! This looks sooooo good! Thank you so much for sharing this sis. I can't wait for the coconut ice cream recipe. Will definitely try that as I'm a fan of Thai desserts! :D

    The Purple Doll

  8. Ang galing! I have not tried this merienda before but I read that they really go together. It looks tempting too!