Monday, 30 July 2012

A Visit to Little India

Last weekend, we went to Mustafa in Little India. It's a very big department store in Serangoon area. I like it because it has everything. I tell you, everything! From appliances to clothes to groceries to vitamins. They even have a whole floor just for jewelries!

After buying some stuff, we decided to randomly choose an Indian restaurant outside. We wanted to try the  but it was very full and there were lots of people being waitlisted. We didn't want to wait so off to another store and we chose Copper Chimney.

When the menu was given, I was quite surprised that they serve Indian Chinese food! Exciting food combination, I thought.

Each table has a carafe filled with water. They just give you glasses and you can drink away. As for me, I asked for ice since I don't like drinking water if it's not cold. :)
Self service for water - carafe in each table
That's my little tot playing with the cutleries while waiting for our food. The mango lassi was too flavorful for my liking. And I want my lassi to be cold, so again, I asked for ice. :D
Mango Lassi 4.50 sgd
The soup was filling. Although I was expecting a bigger serving because of it's price. But my little girl was happy with it and finished it in no time!
Sweet Corn Soup 4.00 sgd
The chicken tandoori was sooooo good! I loved how it was grilled to perfection, just right softness of the meat oozing with flavors. 
1/2 Chicken Tandoori 12 sgd

The husband loved the Subz Kofta Curry. It's a vegetarian "meatball" swimming in curry sauce. Just a hint of spice and you don't actually feel that it's made of veggies.
Subz Kofta Curry 8.00 sgd
As always, I look forward to any bread when having Indian food. May it be roti prata, naan or kulcha. I love the garlic and hint of butter. Yum, yum! 
Butter and Kashmiri Naan 4.50 sgd
One of the husband's new favorite among Indian dishes is the Palak Paneer. It's made of spinach leaves with paneer, a kind of Indian cheese. 
Palak Paneer 10.50 sgd
Overall, we were pleased with what we had. It was already late (1:30pm) for a lunch, but the place was still packed. Food was served quickly and the waiters were very friendly. We will definitely go back!

Copper Chimney
100 Syed Alwi Road
Tel: +65-63980774/98495006/97853650


  1. the only mall na bukas nung nagpunta kami ng SG (chinese new year kasi). ang laki ng serving ng food except sa soup. =)

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  3. Gah !!!! Namit ! Namit ! lol Would really love to try that paneer :D

  4. I have tasted the others from different restaurant except the Palak Paneer. But knowing the taste of spinach, I bet this tastes good like the others. ;)

  5. I've yet to go down to little india for indian food. It's a bit too crowded for my liking.

  6. That is one sumptuous meal! I like the chicken. I can almost taste it :-) I'm curious about that Palak Paneer...looks healthy

  7. Looks yummy!
    Hubby likes Naan while I like Prata dipped in Masala.
    If you want Indian cuisine, I highly recommend Al-Ameen eating House in Woodlands.
    Very cheap but delicious food! :-)

  8. Paneer, is this the cheese made in carabao's milk? my mom sometimes put it in chopsuey, a substitute for tokwa.

  9. I also always ask for ice because I like my drinks cold, specially water. Food looks interesting! I'm usually not very adventurous when it comes to Indian food but I'd love to try some time. :)

  10. i want to try that meatballs with curry sauce.. :)

  11. i didnt get the chance to go when we were there. Will try to go next time :) Thanks for this post.

  12. The food looks so good ah! :) When I went to Singapore a few years ago, I also got to visit Little India but wasn't able to try this resto.

  13. We stayed in an Indian hotel once and I loved the food!
    I especially like their bread..I don't know if it's the one in your picture
    but it kinda looks like it. XD Lol forgot the name~~

  14. I never tried traveling to other places. Maybe I'll put India in my list. :D

    Yummy foods.

  15. im not familiar with indian cusuine, but now that u shared it, im enticed to try it out! hehe i would love to take a bite of those butter and kashmiri naan! :) and is the subz kofta curry spicy?
    btw, wanna follow each other on gfc? just message me sis, thank u! :)

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