Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Missing the Mat

I have been MIA (missing in action) from my yoga class since I got pregnant. I miss my yoga mat. I miss going to the gym to attend classes. I miss exercising.

With yoga, I am at peace. I enjoy the calmness and peaceful environment while exercising. I don't like doing strenuous activities in the gym. What I love the most about yoga is that I can lose weight at the same time learn how to meditate.

There are different kinds of yoga practices.  However, the varieties that I'm familiar with are HathaAshtangaBikram and Iyengar. I used to practice Hatha with combination of Pilates before.  I want to try Bikram which is being done in a heated room.  That means double pressure and needs more focus.

When my baby grows bigger, I will definitely go back to doing yoga. For the meantime, I'll try to do home video tutorials so I won't miss the mat anymore.

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