Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Una's Cafe & Restaurant

Sorry for the long absence. I was enjoying every moment I was spending in Bacolod and Davao. I didn't bother to blog about any food experience I had there. Too lazy, I guess. But now I'm back! Hopefully I can do this more often, if I have the time! :D

We just arrived in Sydney last week. On our first day, the husband brought us to Una's. I didn't know what they were serving until we got there. Wow, schnitzels. It's been a while!

Is he a regular, there?
This dog on the photo above was outside the cafe. I could see him shivering while being carried by his person. I dunno if they are regulars there but I saw the guy feeding steak to the dog, using the fork (!!!) I wanted to tell the staff but I was afraid of what would happen if I did so. :P

Old school coke!
We were given sodas in bottles. And the cap is the kind that you twist, not the bottle crown. I like it!

Potato Salad
If I remember correctly, this was a German Potato Salad. It was cold and fortunately not made with mayonnaise! :D With a sprinkle of paprika on top, it was a great partner with the hot mushrooms we had below.

Crumbled Mushrooms
These were good alternative to fries! There was a sauce that came with it but I liked it with Tabasco. :)

A slice of Vienna Schnitzel (Veal) and Gypsy Schnitzel (chicken with tomato sauce)
The husband had the veal while my brother had the Gypsy, it's chicken schnitzel only with tomato sauce.  I like the Vienna but since I don't really eat beef anymore, I was more concentrated on my plate. :D

Chicken Schnitzel with Rosti
The chicken was cooked to a perfect soft meat with crunchy coating. And I love that the rosti was well done and not too oily, unlike the ones I had in Marche before. The serving was huge so I only finished like a third of my schnitzel and had the rest taken home.

We will definitely come back, to try other kinds of main dishes! And I'm wondering how the Deep Fried Camembert would taste! Hmmm...

Una's Cafe & Restaurant
340 Victoria Street, 
Darlinghurst 2010, Sydney, NSW 
Contact: 02 9360 6885
Website: www.unas.com.au


  1. Mukhang mahaba vacation sis ha. Enjoy!

  2. So excited to read about your adventures in Sydney dits! Hello to dree dree. :-)

    1. I'm nervous and excited, too, Dits! See you here soon? :)

  3. Nice seeing update fron you. Hope you share pictures too from your vacation:)

  4. Tin , hope you are well and good over there , I know you are lol How's the price of everything there ? Hopefully , the baking ingredients will be much more cheaper than in Singapore . The food ? Yeah , my mouth's watering *sigh*

    1. Thanks Tita Lis. The prices are cheaper for fresh produce, and the cheese!! :))

  5. i want to eeeeeeeaaaaattttttt them alllllll...well except the dog and the coke. urk.