Friday, 24 May 2013

Review: The Club Lounge's Chocolate Buffet

When we stayed overnight at Marina Bay Sands last month, we thought of trying their Chocolate Buffet. A friend of the husband joined us for the buffet so it was a bit more fun, not just the three of us. We didn't ask before making the reservations if they will be serving a la carte food. And we were thinking we could get some pasta or something, especially the little girl is with us. But I guess she was happy with all the chocolates she gobbled the entire time we were there!

The place looks elegant, with the dim lights and gorgeous arrangement of the desserts.  We were seated outside, just ok with me because if we were inside, our daughter might have knocked off a lot of things before we can finish our first plate.

Anyway, I won't be blabbering about all the items in the spread. Sorry, too tired to type. I'll just flood you with photos :D Actually, there were more items but I wasn't able to take pictures of everything.


Candied nuts

Several options to coat your chocolate donuts

French Macarons

Black Forest

Cappuccino cups




Several cakes

My first plate

Second plate

Marina Bay Sands Club Lounge
Price: S$38++ (S$43)
Operating Hours: 8:00pm - 12:00 am
Telephone: +65 6688 8858


  1. Waah! Nakakagutom! I love your second plate, so chocolatey! =)

  2. Can you please those yummy treat you got in your plates... Look so delish!

  3. One word : DROOL :D And in such a beautiful setting !

  4. i have yet to try a chocolate buffet! makes me wanna grab a bar and consume it all in one sitting.

  5. OMG!!! I have never tasted most of those and I hope it was really good! It was a buffet spread of all the sweets one can have! This is pure bliss, I suppose! I'd love to try this too :D

  6. Oh wow! Chocolate buffet!!! <3

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  7. Hello sugar! Hmmm.. never been to something like this. Wow, I can imagine myself munching all those sweets. I love your first plate as much as the second. Hehehe.

  8. Mmmmn. Tataba ako dyan:) very tempting place:)

  9. Love the pastries/desserts/choco cakes...slurp!!

  10. Chocolate Buffet in MBS? Sooo posh! :-)