Saturday, 18 August 2012

Bacon and Mushroom Quiche

Two weeks ago, I asked the husband if he's ok with having brunch. He said it's fine. So I started cooking at 7am but he started becoming hungry at 7:30. Oh my! >__<

I have been quite curious about quiches for a long time. I'm a bit hesitant to make the crust, not trusting myself enough that I can do, so I always put it off. But that day, I decided I will conquer this fear and make a quiche! :)

I used the recipe from as a guide. I added bacon and didn't add shallots (as I don't like onions hehe). Also, I only used 1 egg since my pie plate is rather small. After all, the quiche is just for two people!

Too bad, I didn't have a decent photo of the quiche
To make the crust, I used the same recipe from the site. Since I didn't have pie weights, I used rice. Of course, I tried putting the rice on the crust to see if it won't stick, but it did. So it took me longer to take out the grains and decided to put foil over it before putting the rice again. :D

It was such a treat, and a filling one at that! I thought it would feel like an omelet on a pie crust, but it didn't. I want to do it again. This time, just mushrooms or something spinach and sundried tomatoes! Hmmm...


  1. Hahahaha If time is not an issue , you can freeze the crust and bake it straight from the freezer , no need that sticky rice er pie weights ! lol From the look of that quiche , I'm sure it tastes delicious ! Love the bacon and mushroom combo !

  2. Wow! It's my dream to use our oven to really bake and not just heat food. Hehe! :D thanks for the visit in my blog. Http://

  3. Sis unsa man ning quiche? wala pa ko katilaw ani ba.. Gipangita gyud nako ning imong blog kay gimingaw na ko nimo, hehehe! Morag wala pod diay ni nimo na-update, busy ka sa imong new house?


    1. Hi Bechay, super na busy lagi pero I've been meaning to post something. I'm preparing for my little girl's birthday this month :D Btw quiche is like a savory pie :)