Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bikanervala - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

We had another Indian adventure last weekend. An Indian neighbor told me that the lights were up at Serangoon, so off we went to see them. But alas, it rained! That didn't stop us though. Good thing we brought umbrellas and the pram with us.

After we successfully passed the wet streets of Little India, we went to a small bazaar featuring Indian items. I was so happy seeing lots of Indian sweets, I automatically bought in every stall we passed by at. Good thing there were only 3 stores selling them, or else! :P

The husband ordered Raj Kachori. I'm not sure if he really knew what he ordered. Because I didn't like it. :( The round in the center is crunchy and when you cut it open, you can have a generous helping of beans and potatoes in the center. What I didn't like about it is the cold yogurt, I'm not a fan of cold savories.

Raj Kachori
Good thing the husband bought me vegetarian samosas. I love it, but I wanted to have at least 2 or 3 pieces!
Vegetarian Samosa
This is one weird dish, for me, that is. It's a chili dipped in flour batter and deep fried. The husband liked it. I didn't even attempt to try. :P
Mirch Pakora
Of course, it's not a complete meal without naan! I used to choose roti over naan. But the husband had me converted, I'm loving it. There's garlic, butter or just plain naan. All of them are delightful, especially when dipped in curry sauce!

Another dish we had was the daily special paneer. I liked it, primarily because of the cheese! :P It was really spicy, unlike the palak paneer that I have tried which wasn't peppery at all. 
Special Paneer
I was like a giddy high school girl when I saw their desserts! They were all delicate looking, actually too pretty to be eaten. It took me long to choose what to get. The husband was probably wondering what took me so long to get 3 small sweets! :P

Indian Sweets
I cannot wait to be back! I still miss tandoori and butter chicken though. Hah!

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No. 1, Dalhousie Lane, Singapore, Singapore 209664
Contact Number: 6396 4138
Operating Hours: 10:00 - 22:30
Facebook: Bikanervala.SG


  1. I shouldn't have visited your site as I'm getting hungry again by just looking all of that deliciousness ! lol Me want some of the special paneer ASAP ! :D Also throw some of that sweetkins !

  2. those desserts are so beautiful! everything looks good, but if i had to choose that's what i'd pick!

  3. The first one looks yummy! Are they hot (spicy)? The last time I ate Indian food was almost two years ago. It left me not wanting to try more because they are too hot and spicy for my taste!

    1. The first dish is not spicy, just crispy with lots of beans and potatoes with curry and yogurt :D

  4. This post reminded me of a friend from India. She used to teach me cooking some vegetarian dishes.

  5. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

    1. Hi Linde Lou, I followed you! Thanks for following :D

  6. Belated happy birthday!

    I have not tried an Indian dish except for curry. They all look appealing to me and perhaps the next time my parents and I will eat out, I'll suggest this cuisine. You're living permanently in Singapore now? Advance blessed Christmas too to you and your family :)

  7. The indian sweets looks yummy! Have fun in SG! :-)