Friday, 14 September 2012

Animal Themed Cupcakes

I practiced twice before the party to make sure I would know how to make them. When watching the photos online, they seem pretty easy! But to be honest, it was so hard arranging the candies on the frosting! I wanted to use a special tool (which I'm sure fondant icing makers use!) just to position the eyes, mouth and nose of these cutesy-patootsies! Thank God for the store-bought candies, I didn't have to learn fondant to make these animal themed cupcakes for my little girl's birthday party!


Pig and Cat/Rabbit?!?

Fish and Frog

Photos of second practice

Sorry for the sheep and the other one with gray frosting :P


  1. Tin , these are cute ! Great job ! The panda looks great but I love the sheep most !