Monday, 20 January 2014

A Little Bit of News

Sorry for being MIA. I know I didn't share this with you guys, but I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last month :D He is the best Christmas gift for our family! :)

I was able to bake some stuff, here and there. But wasn't able to take nice photos, I was always in a hurry.  LOL Here's something I'll share for the mean time, the ube cake I made last New Year's Media Noche.

Some notes: I used ube halaya that I made myself. :) Also, I didn't use macapuno. 

I'm not going to post the ingredients and method anymore as I'm running out of time. The little one's shouting for milk now :)) Hope you all had wonderful holidays!

Source: Heart of Mary


  1. oiiiiiii, congrats ten!!! ah, a baby boy, i want one :)

  2. Tin , how's Diego Dora and the Little Miss Geek ? :D Your ube cake reminds me of Red Ribbon
    , it looks delish ! I really want to make ube halaya but can't find ube here , need to look harder :P lol

  3. Heeeey! You, you! You were pregnant all along pala ha? Congratulations! Here is to your upcoming sleepless nights and hectic life, but all worth it out right?!

    Ube cake for the win!

  4. Wow!!! Congratulations my friend! I want a baby too!
    Your Ube cake looks so good!

  5. Congratulation:) that is really a good news:)

  6. The newest addition must be giving so much joy to your family :D
    Congratulations! ... so that explains your temporary disappearance, lol. I remembered our house smelling of powder and milk when my first nephew was born... and the bliss he brought along especially when he as growing up.

  7. pretty nice blog, following :)